Who should consider CDI?

Tollblender - A division of Chemical Distributors, Incorporated

A full line of industrial chemical products, manufacturing and tolling ability with commodity and equipment sales

  • Current manufacturing companies located outside of our region utilize CDI when they wish to reduce transport distance to end users and consumers while maintaining brand loyalty and quality.
  • Customers who have exceeded their production capacity bring formulas to have confidential blending performed to exacting specifications. This will allow for temporary sharp increases in demand without the need for additional employees, machinery, or facility space.
  • All standard liquid delivery volumes available including totes, drums, pails and bulk.
  • All standard dry delivery volumes available in fiber drums to supersacks.
  • Specializing in acid and alkaline blending.
  • All work accepted by CDI is strictly confidential. Formal confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are available.
  • Our staff is comprised of seasoned industry veterans ready to serve you in the areas of quality assurance, testing, formulation, and blending.
  • Full line of chemical distribution products is also available.